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IICRC Certified


For 24 Hour Emergency Response Call: (337) 516-2202

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We service the following Louisiana Parishes

Allen, Acadia, Beauregard, Cameron, Calcasieu, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, Vermillion

We serve Lake Charles and the surrounding local areas and cities:
  • Lake Charles
  • Cameron
  • DeRidder
  • Leesville
  • Jennings
  • Oakdale
  • Sulphur
  • Abbeville

We provide the following services:

  • Residential and Commercial
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Structural Drying
  • Water Removal
  • Humidity Control
  • Moisture Detection
  • Raw Sewage Cleanup

Louisiana Southwest


Rytech of SW Louisiana also provides the following additional services:

  • Fire & Smoke Restoration
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

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Why Choose Rytech?

  • 24 / 7 Emergency Service
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Daily Monitoring of Jobs
  • Complete File with Digital Photos
  • All work is 100% guaranteed!

 Team Rytech of SW Louisiana

The owners, management and staff of Rytech of SWLA have combined experience of over 40 years in the Restoration and Insurance industry.  The staff of Rytech of SWLA is IICRC Certified (WRT & AMRT) and holds a Mold certificate in the State of Louisiana.   A licensed insurance adjuster is also on staff and holds a flood certification.

Prior to becoming a Rytech franchise, this location served the community mitigating water damage, providing mold remediation and smoke and fire damage services.   Additional services provided by this location include carpet cleaning for residential and commercial properties and duct cleaning.

Jennifer Rulon

Jennifer Rulon is the sole member owner of Rytech SWLA, a minority owned business located in Sulphur, LA. Prior to purchasing her franchise she was employed by several Emergency Services companies. Rytech’s mission is to reduce total loss, provide the best quality services at reasonable costs and offer services that result in the best reactive and preventative treatment for your home or business.


Is Your Home Making You Sick?
Symptoms of Mold Exposure in the Home

Is mold growing in your home making you ill? Perhaps, but before talking to a mold remediation specialist, first discuss any symptoms with your doctor. Certainly, not all unexplained physical symptoms are mold-related, nor do all varieties of common indoor mold cause symptoms. When they do occur, most symptoms of mold exposure mimic allergic responses common to a variety of airborne triggers. Longer-term exposure to more toxic mold growing in your home can produce both acute and chronic symptoms that cover a wide spectrum of physical illness.

When grouped according to the symptoms they cause, there are three broad categories of mold growth:

Allergenic Mold

These types tend to cause “nuisance” symptoms that mimic other respiratory allergies. Sneezing, coughing and post-nasal drip are typical reactions. One common allergenic is Cladosporidium, an outdoor mold that relocates indoors and grows well on wood, cloth and other porous surfaces when activated by moisture. Symptoms of Cladosporidium exposure are often similar to common hay fever.

Pathogenic Mold

As the name implies, these varieties can trigger disease, including certain types of pneumonia. Aspergillus mold is well-adapted to indoor environments and thrives on many surfaces, even in household dust. Inhalation of spores may result in lung infections, particularly in persons with suppressed immune response. While Aspergillus is also encountered outdoors, exposure to the higher concentration of spores inside an enclosed, under-ventilated house increases the likelihood of illness.

Toxic Mold

This variety, generically known as “Black Mold” is poisonous. Exposure may trigger health consequences in almost anyone if the concentration of spores is high enough. Black mold emits reproductive spores that carry mycotoxins, toxic chemicals that produce a wide spectrum of symptoms including serious breathing difficulties, severe headaches, chronic fatigue, skin rashes and mental reactions ranging from brain fog to depression. Black mold contamination in homes is not common—but not rare, either. Suspected black mold contamination should always be verified and removed by a qualified mold remediation specialist.

If you suspect mold growing in your home is causing illness, seek qualified medical advice and also contact the mold remediation specialists at Rytech for a professional inspection.