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Mold Testing Nashville

Mold TestingMold is a year-round concern in Nashville. It thrives in warm, humid conditions and is especially problematic in homes with recent storm or water damage. Unaddressed water intrusion can lead to rapid mold growth, leaving you with a potentially dangerous health hazard hiding out of sight.

Exposure to mold - as with any other environmental hazards that affect air quality - will leave you at risk to various health problems. If you’ve experienced allergy-like symptoms, asthma, or suffer from other breathing problems, you should have your home tested for mold.

How to test for Mold

A Rytech technician will discuss your needs and explain what to expect during the mold inspection process. Telltale signs of mold are visible mold growth, moldy odors, high humidity inside the home, and signs of water damage.


Our technician performs a visual inspection. They look for visual signs of mold, water damage/exposure, and places with high moisture intrusion. They check these suspect areas with a surface moisture meter for potential moisture hidden within the wall cavities. 


After the visual inspection ascertains which rooms have potential mold, the technician will then proceed to collect air samples along with an outdoor ‘control’ sample. If there is a specific surface area that the technician suspects may be harboring mold, they will pull a swab or a physical sample for further testing. 


The technician then sends over any samples taken from the area for further laboratory analysis. The results are then collated and combined with the visual findings and a recommendation is given by the mold inspector.


Our Services Include:

Mold Remediation

Mold Testing

Water Damage Restoration

After the inspection

Soon after you approve the proposed plan, a Rytech technician will begin work repairing the damage to your home or property. 

Upon arrival, the Rytech Nashville technician will assess the situation, including the safety of your environment, and consult with you before any work is done. When the repair and restoration project is complete, they will schedule a final walk-through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Finally, you will be asked to “sign-off” on the completed project and will receive your Certificate of Satisfaction.

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  • Mold Testing Nashville TN

  • Rytech of Middle Tennessee is a mold remediation company owned and operated by Robert Pick. Before partnering with Rytech Nashville, Robert worked in manufacturing and finance. An experienced businessman with a proven track record of success, Pick has extensive knowledge of business development, operational oversight, and financial management. He uses these skills to build and maintain a solid foundation for Rytech of Middle Tennessee.


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    More info on Nashville Weather

    One of the disadvantages of living in Tennessee during springtime is the rain. It is by far the wettest season of the year for Nashville with around 5-6 inches of rain. While catastrophic rains are rare, you can expect consistent rainy weather during these months. This, in turn, produces prime conditions for mold growth. Homeowners should be on a lookout for water damage and damp spots during this season as these can be precursors for something more serious. Spring is also tornado season - while a tornado striking Nashville is extremely rare - it's just something you need to look out for if you're visiting Nashville and surrounding cities in Tennessee. Contact Rytech Nashville if you ever suspect mold growth in your home and need mold removal services 


    Here’s what they have to say about us

    “I run the maintenance department for a property management company, and Rytech has been a great resource for us.  They are fast, efficient, and professional at every turn. I have no issues with sending them out to any of our rental properties because I know they will handle themselves in a professional and courteous manner. And their work has been excellent.” - Oxford Maintenance

    “Robert, Matt, and team were quick to respond and did a thorough job for us. We would use them again.” - Josh W.


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  • Types of Mold Testing

  • Air Testing for Mold

    Air inspection tests the concentration of mold spores in your home. Samples are taken and analyzed with specialized machines. Air testing can let you know whether you have a mold issue regardless of whether the inspector has discovered the source of the water damage. The number of mold spores in your home changes constantly, so results may vary from one test to another.

    Surface Testing for Mold

    Surface testing requires taking samples from various locations to discover the number of mold spores in water damaged areas. Samples are gathered by swabbing, tape lifting, or extraction. The sample is then analyzed in a research facility. Similar to air testing, the outcome can shift since mold development and spores aren't spread equally over surfaces and can change quickly. Surface testing cannot distinguish the concentration of airborne mold spores.


    Bulk Testing for Mold

    Bulk testing requires gathering bits of material from throughout the house. This material is then taken to a lab where it is inspected under a microscope. Bulk tests can let you know if you have a concerning mold issue, as well as raise your awareness of a potential mold problem so steps can be taken to mitigate further mold growth.

    How does mold testing work?

    Culture testing is used to find live mold spores. This involves taking a sample and allowing it to grow under controlled conditions in a laboratory setting. As the culture matures, lab techs can determine what type of mold is present in your home. It should be noted that only living spores can multiply. However, dead mold can still cause problems for individuals that have allergies or a compromised immune system. There are other test methods available, but these cannot distinguish the breed of mold.

    What are the benefits of professional mold testing?

    Professional mold testing can identify the strain of mold in your home. While many are considered relatively benign, there are two which are most concerning to homeowners. These are Stachybotrys, better known as black mold, and aspergillus, a common mold that can contain toxins that are dangerous to those with a weakened immune system. It is never a good idea to try and remove mold without identifying the type of fungus present.

    When should a Nashville homeowner consider mold testing?

    • Seeing visible indications of mold

    • An unknown foul odor throughout the home

    • To evaluate indoor air quality

    • As confirmation that mold has been successfully removed after mold remediation

    Mold testing can identify the species of mold and determine its point of origin.

    Is mold testing necessary?

    If you suspect or see mold, then yes. Left untreated, mold growth can not only damage your property but can also deteriorate the health of those with sensitive immune systems. Airborne mold spores can intensify asthma and cause serious sinus issues even in non-compromised people. In short, mold testing is the first step toward managing this potentially harmful substance in a Nashville residence.


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