What Type of Equipment is Used in Water Restoration & Removal?

Professional water removal and restoration requires specialized techniques, as well as ongoing training and certification by industry organizations like the Institute Of Inspection, Cleaning And Restoration (IICRC.) It also requires something else: A substantial investment in advanced equipment, purpose-built for water removal and restoration. This isn’t consumer-grade, DIY stuff from the local rental outlet. To accomplish the goals of speed and effectiveness–both critical to minimize damage and optimize recovery results—this heavy-duty technology is designed for commercial use and engineered to accommodate the unique circumstances of any water damage restoration project.

What Type of Equipment is Used in Water Restoration & Removal?

If water damage strikes, the professionals you hire will probably arrive well-armed with equipment like this:


Determining the extent of water damage is central. Moisture detectors and hygrometers are used to measure wetness of building materials and determine the amount of water vapor in the air. Infrared cameras may be utilized to locate “hidden” water inside wall voids and other parts of the structure.  This hardware enables an accurate damage estimate and helps direct restoration efforts for maximum effect.

Extraction And Removal

Not your typical household wet/dry vacs, professionals employ both electric and gasoline-powered submersible pumps to remove a high volume of water in a very short time. Truck-mounted and portable vacuums provide the suction power to extract water from carpets and suck it out of flooring and crevices.


Industrial-strength dehumidifiers are deployed quickly to remove water vapor—a major source of secondary damage following the water inundation. High-volume air movers can be configured to precisely direct jets of air across floors, walls, and other surfaces, as well as provide continuous mass airflow throughout the premises to exhaust water vapor.

To learn more about the equipment that makes water removal and restoration a science, contact the professionals at Rytech, Inc.

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