What Factors Affect Water Damage Restoration Costs?

Water Damage Restoration CostsAmong the many concerns on your mind after a water intrusion in your home are water damage restoration costs. Most people have no previous experience with severe water damage and no basis of comparison to predict expenses. That’s why a reputable water damage recovery firm will make a complete damage evaluation the first step. In addition to appraising visible damage, they’ll evaluate hidden moisture inside walls, under the floor or in enclosed voids like HVAC ducts. This avoids guesstimates that later turn out to be inaccurate.

Here’s what goes into a professional assessment of water damage restoration costs:

  • The overall extent of damage. The cumulative amount of water damage is usually expressed by the total square feet involved. Because pricing is also tied to square footage, prompt action to curtail the spread of water damage is one mark of a professional remediation process.
  • The source of the water. From where the water originated is another factor in recovery cost. Recovery from a leak of a ruptured water supply line is comparatively straightforward because the water is clean and emanated from a known source. These are classified as Category 1 sources. However, when soapy drain water is the source of the water intrusion or when a sewage backup brings toxic bacterial pathogens into your home, remediation efforts must take into account the more complicated requirements for clean-up and/or disinfection to mitigate health hazards.
  • The location of damage. Water limited to a hard-surface floor affecting only baseboards will be a less expensive recovery than a pipe rupture on an upper level that saturates drywall and soaks the ceiling below. Similarly, when carpeting and other highly absorbent materials must be removed, costs will be higher.

For more about water damage restoration costs specific to your needs, contact the experienced professionals at Rytech.

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