The First Steps to Take After a Flood

After a flood, you’ve got a lot to think about. Floods are rarely planned events that give ample advance notice, so you may not have had time to make preparations before the fact. Now that it’s over, you may feel overwhelmed. First, clear your mind and realize that water damage specialists confront these conditions on a daily basis and stand ready to guide you through the coming days. Establish priorities, take things one at a time and follow these first steps after a flood.

  • Make sure the house is safe. Of course, you’re worried about your home and anxious to check on your possessions. But don’t return to your house until authorities advise you that it’s safe to do so. Remember that a flooded structure can be a danger zone. Never enter a house with standing water present until the electricity is turned off at the meter and the home has been declared safe by an electrician. Be aware that water inside the house may be contaminated with raw sewage. Avoid contact and wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself.
  • Locate important documents. Make sure insurance policies, warranties and any other vital paperwork you will need are still intact and undamaged. Remove these from the house and store them in a safe place.
  • Document the damage. Before any clean-up or remediation, take photos of all water damage to include with your insurance claim.
  • Call water damage specialists. Recovery from extensive water damage due to flooding is never a DIY project. You’ll need the expertise of professionals with the proper equipment to remediate present damage and to stop the inevitable after-effects of flooding such as toxic mold growth.
  • Get in touch with your flood insurance provider. If flooding is affecting the entire local area, flood insurance adjusters will soon be swamped with claims. The sooner you start the process in motion, the better your chances of timely compensation.

To get the skilled experienced help you need in the critical hours after a flood, contact the water damage specialists at Rytech.

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