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Handling Plumbing Issues During a Pandemic

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020
plumbing issues

Handling plumbing issues during the present pandemic may require giving a little more thought to the household complex system of pipes, drains, heater, and fixtures. It’s an interesting fact that many historians credit modern indoor plumbing as a major factor in improved health and the longer average life expectancy we enjoy today. Fully functional plumbing, as well as handling plumbing issues effectively, supports personal hygiene which, in turn, may prevent the spread of a variety of communicable diseases, including COVID-19.

In these uncertain times we face, here are some hints for handling plumbing issues:

Use the Real Thing

Plumbers report that there’s really no 100% acceptable substitute for toilet paper if your local store runs out. Other possible alternatives—baby wipes, paper towels, paper dinner napkins, and other paper products—do not properly disintegrate in water and may cause a clogged toilet or sewer line. A toilet overflow is an unpleasant reminder not to use these unapproved alternatives. Since store supplies of this irreplaceable necessity still fluctuate during the pandemic, be sure to maintain an abundant stock of toilet paper at all times.

Reduce the Plumbing Load

With more occupants at home all day in this pandemic, showers, baths, toilet usage, and water consumption are unusually higher. This increases the importance of handling plumbing issues properly. For example, the home water heater incurs excess wear and tear when subjected to constant cycling on and off due to continuous hot water demand. This may lead to early water heater tank failure and potential water damage. Where possible, baths, showers, and other hot water use should be widely spaced over the day and night time period to reduce heat-related wear and tear on the water heater.

Check Out Your Plumber

If you need professional help handling plumbing issues, make sure the plumbing company is taking necessary, industry-standard precautions to protect the residents of the home as well as themselves. Specific precautions against the COVID-19 virus are recommended by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. In many cases, reputable plumbing contractors now feature this information prominently on their websites.