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Ways To Avoid A/C Water Leaks…

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

ac water leakA/C water leaks can be very stealthy and damaging as a result. Water leakage from a central air conditioner is almost always related to the condensate drip pan and drain system, located at the indoor air handler inside the house. Since the A/C evaporator coil inside the air handler can generate over 20 gallons of condensation on a humid day, the potential for substantial water damage in the event of a malfunction is clear. Prevention is always better than making repairs afterwards, so here are some ways to avoid A/C water leaks.

Things to do

Check the condensate drip pan regularly – This large flat pan located underneath the indoor air handler catches condensate as it drips off the A/C evaporator coil. Collected condensate drains out of the pan into a drain line usually plumbed into the household sewer line or discharges somewhere outside the house. If it’s cooling season and the air conditioner is running, the drain pan will likely be wet. However, you should not notice standing water in the pan. This usually indicates a clogged or sluggish condensate drain line and an impending damaging overflow. Also, look around the perimeter of the pan for signs of leakage such as wet spots or puddles. Drip pans may crack or corrode with age, seeping small amounts of water gradually. Contact a qualified HVAC service provider if you see standing water or evidence of leakage.

Consider an automatic shut-off switch – To avoid water damage from the condensate system, an automatic shutoff switch detects excess standing water in the drain pan and turns off power to the air conditioner before an overflow occurs.

Get regular A/C service – Mold growth inside the wet drip pan is a frequent cause of clogs in the drain line. Annual preventive maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician includes inspecting the condensate drain system, cleaning the pan and installing time-release biocide tablets in the pan to inhibit mold and algae growth all season long.

A/C water leaks often go undetected until substantial damage has been done. Contact the professionals at Rytech for more information about prevention and recovery.


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