Sump Pump Failure… Dealing With the Aftermath

wet basementA sump pump spends most of its time on standby, waiting for water. Should it fail to activate at a crucial time when water enters the sump basin, a flooded basement and associated water damage are the usual consequence. If your sump pump lets you down just when you need it most, here are some suggestions to deal with the aftermath.

  • First, be safe. A flooded basement is hazardous. Never enter a wet or flooded basement until the electricity to that area has been shut off at the main panel or the meter.
  • Stop the source. If the water originates from a ruptured plumbing pipe, turn off water to the house at the main shutoff valve.
  • Determine type of water. Flooding from a broken supply pipe is generally safe if less than 48 hours has elapsed and gloves, boots, waders and other protection are worn. Outdoor ground water seeping through basement walls is questionable and may contain bacteria or other toxins. Sewage backup into the basement is classified as a toxic biohazard and requires intervention by qualified water damage recovery services.
  • Remove what you can. If clean water is limited to shallow pooling, use mops or wet/dry vacuum to remove it, open any basement windows leading to the outdoors and run fans to circulate air.
  • Don’t attempt to pump it out yourself. Get professional advice first. If deep water is pumped from a flooded basement too rapidly, external pressure exerted by over-saturated soil pressing against basement walls may cause major structural failure.
  • Take preventive measures against mold. Mold growth in a basement following water damage should be considered inevitable unless proper remediation steps are taken within 48 hours. Contact qualified mold remediation services.
  • Avoid future sump pump failures with annual maintenance including clearing the sump basin of debris that could clog the pump inlet, as well as testing function of float switches by pouring five gallons of water into the basin and observing proper activation. If your sump pump failed because of a utility power outage, consider upgrading to a pump with battery backup feature.


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