Sewage Cleaning Begins Before Professionals Arrive: How to Handle Raw Sewage Backup

Do-it-yourself sewage backup tips are few, but important. Raw sewage is a toxic biohazard, and you need the assistance of qualified water damage remediation professionals accredited by the Institute Of Inspection, Cleaning And Restoration (IICRC). Nevertheless, in the immediate aftermath of an event, some timely actions can help prevent a bad situation from becoming even worse. Here are some sewage backup tips to follow before trained help arrives.Sewage Cleaning Begins Before Professionals Arrive: How to Handle Raw Sewage Backup

  • First, call the professionals. Don’t put it off while attempting DIY methods. A qualified water damage restoration company can provide quick-response teams for sewage backups. The faster you get the process started, the sooner the situation will be in the hands of trained specialists.
  • Discontinue all use of sinks and toilets. Any water going down any drain will exacerbate the volume of sewage reflux into your home.
  • Locate the sewage clean out plug(s) for your home so you can inform the clean-up crew as soon as they arrive. Make sure the plugs are accessible and not blocked by furniture or other possessions. Don’t attempt to open the plugs yourself.
  • Where standing water exists, you may pour household bleach into the pools to kill bacteria. If you can do so safely, remove standing water with pails or a wet/dry vacuum.
  • Take photos to document the extent of the damage as it is now—before recovery efforts begin.
  • Be careful. Raw sewage contains hazardous bacteria, viruses and other toxins transmitted by contact and inhalation. Avoid direct contact with sewage and do not remain in enclosed areas contaminated by sewage. Electrocution hazards exists if floodwater or sewage has contacted electrical outlets or panels. If you suspect electrical contact, don’t contact standing water.

For more sewage back-up tips, or for professional emergency clean-up service, the specialists at Rytech are here for you.

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