Prevent Leaks Before They Happen: Basic Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Professional water mitigation specialists frequently encounter the results of putting off preventive plumbing maintenance. Very few plumbing issues get better when neglected; most become more complicated and potentially damaging as time passes. By the time on-going leaks can no longer be ignored, the services of water mitigation specialists are frequently required to deal with recovery and restoration as well as long-term after-effects such as toxic mold growth.

Dealing with nagging leaks and other plumbing problems now prevents future consequences like severe household water damage. Here are some areas to focus on:

  • Check beneath sinks, behind toilets and anywhere else water supply lines are visible for evidence of water leaks. Because leaks may occur intermittently, don’t ignore any signs of leakage—past or present. Take action to track down the cause.
  • Annually, drain your water heater to flush out sediment. A hardening layer of mineral sediment in the bottom of the tank not only substantially raises water heating costs, it accelerates tank corrosion that may trigger leakage and a complete tank rupture.
  • Don’t ignore unexplained increases in your monthly water bill. Severe leakage from water supply lines may persist undiscovered for a long time if the pipe is broken underground or in the slab foundation of the house. If your costs keep going up, ask a qualified professional plumber to find out why.
  • Does your washing machine use rubber hot and cold water supply hoses? Replace them with braided stainless steel lines. Rubber hoses have a short expected service life and may rupture without warning, flooding your house with hundreds of gallons of water.
  • Small leaks often precede major damage. A pinhole leak on the exterior of a galvanized steel water supply line frequently “weeps” intermittently, often sealing itself temporarily only to leak again. These tiny leaks can be a red flag warning of severe corrosion lurking inside the pipe that could cause a catastrophic rupture at any time. Pinhole leaks should be brought to the attention of a plumbing professional ASAP.

Contact the professional water mitigation specialists at Rytech Inc. for more tips on preventive plumbing maintenance.

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