Next door water heater leak causes water damage for innocent homeowner – Sunrise FL 33322

Rytech entered the 2nd level condo with the homeowner on Feb 4. The homeowner stated that the source of the water loss was from the water heater in the next door condo unit. Water for that unit was quickly turned off but the water damage had already affected the master bedroom and master bathroom of our customers condo. We also identified water damage to the headboard but the homeowner indicated that it was caused by an earlier loss. There was also some microbial growth behind the headboard from the previous loss but that area has been treated with anti microbial spray. For the current water damage, Rytech set up drying equipment for a 3-5 day drying period to ensure all moiture levels were reduced to acceptable levels and ensure there was no future thread of mold from broken water heater next door!

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