Mold Removal: Can You Do It Yourself or Do You Need to Call a Professional?

mold removalWhen household mold growth strikes, especially following water damage, you have a choice between DIY vs professional mold removal. Frankly, the hardy, self-reliant approach appeals to many homeowners. But that may risk allowing hidden, isolated mold growth to proliferate into whole-house contamination. Mold spores released by the millions from active mold unseen and untouched by do-it-yourself methods infiltrate household air and spread throughout living spaces. The health impact and effect on quality of life are substantial. When weighing the benefits of DIY vs professional mold removal, consider also the potential long term consequences of uncontrolled mold growth.

When To DIY
If mold is visible and only in limited spots, you can probably deal with it yourself. A 9-to-1 mixture of water and bleach in a spray bottle and a wet cloth takes care of most of it. You can also help prevent recurrence by keeping household humidity below 50 percent, venting humid spaces like kitchens and bathrooms and repairing any ongoing sources of mold-activating moisture such as dripping plumbing leaks. Ventilate the basement regularly and inspect your attic for roof leaks and evidence of mold.

When Not To
Mold growth appearing over any area larger than 10 square feet is a DIY deal-breaker. Contamination on that scale requires professional treatment. Mold infecting building materials like drywall, subflooring and framing studs inside walls or up in the attic is another red flag: this is a job for water damage recovery specialists with training and expertise in mold control. Select an established local firm, preferably with credentials from the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification that establishes industry standards for water damage recovery and mold remediation.

For an informed opinion about the relative merits of DIY vs professional mold removal, contact the experienced mold remediation experts at Rytech.

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