If a Leak Occurs, Do You Know Where to Find Your Plumbing Shut-Off Valve?

leaky plumbingWhen a serious plumbing leak strikes, knowing the location of the household water shut-off valve and how to operate it quickly can make the difference between a small mop-up and major water damage recovery. A ruptured supply line can pour hundreds of gallons of water into your home, and when this is happening, time is of the essence. Shutting off the water at the water shut-off valve should be your first priority.

If you’re not sure of the location of the shut-off valve, a plumber can show you and also check the valve for proper operation. Shut-off valves that haven’t been turned in a long time may be stuck or very difficult to turn.

For residences that receive water from the municipal water utility, the shut-off valve will be at the water meter, usually located near the street in the front yard. Inside the meter compartment, the valve closest to the house is the customer turn-off. It’s usually a standard hand-operated valve. Turning it clockwise like any faucet shuts off the water flow.

On the opposite side of the meter is a key-operated valve utilized by the water utility to turn off the flow. It’s a good idea to purchase a key, available at most home centers, to operate this valve, too, in case the other valve is stuck in the open position.

Be aware of potential dangers in the home after a serious plumbing leak, including electrocution hazard or slip-and-fall injuries. As soon as the water flow is stopped, make an emergency call to your plumber. If water inundation is substantial, contact a water damage recovery professional, too. Let the trained pros deal with removing significant standing water and remedial action to minimize further damage.

For more information on operating the shut-off valve after a plumbing leak, contact the professionals at Rytech.

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