How To Deal With A Flooded Crawl Space

flooded homeBecause they don’t call it a “crawl space” for nothing, venturing into the claustrophobic confines of a dark, flooded crawl space probably isn’t a appealing DIY project for most homeowners. Definite hazards exist in the saturated conditions such as unsafe wet electrical wiring, residual pesticides dissolved in water, vermin infestation, rodent droppings, etc. Getting water out and damage repaired properly usually requires the skills and specialized equipment of a professional water damage recovery expert.

A flooded crawl space could result from inundation due to outdoor flooding during heavy rain, or from a ruptured indoor water supply line that is typically routed through the space. Professional water damage remediation for a flooded crawl space will include the following:

  • Get the water out. Because a crawl space may be below grade, standing water is common following flooding. This will require specialized pumps to remove water promptly. Typically, floodwater inside a crawl space contains floating and submerged debris that will have to be removed to facilitate proper pumping. A dirt-floor crawl space will be very muddy, which also presents issues that hamper water removal.
  • Dry the environment. After standing water and water-sodden debris has been removed, steps must be taken to dry residual moisture from wooden structural components including the sub-floor overhead, as well as dry out the muddy floor beneath. Ventilation fans must be utilized to flush the space with fresh air and specialized dehumidifiers may also be put to use to continuously reduce high water vapor.
  • Sanitize suspect areas. Where mold already exists inside a crawl space, contact with floodwaters usually accelerates contamination rapidly. If an inspection by a specialist reveals active mold in the crawl space, professional mold remediation techniques will be required to remove the mold and treat affected surfaces to prevent spread.
  • Prevent recurrence. If flooding originated outdoors, steps should be taken to seal openings into the crawl space from repeated water inundation. Grading the landscape around the perimeter to drain water away from the house may also be recommended.

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