Hire Rytech Professionals for Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation in One

Water damage restoration and mold remediation: These two critical services are more often than not mentioned in the same sentence after a flood, pipe rupture, or any other inundation that strikes your home.shutterstock_143397931

Once uncontained water is set loose in the confines of a typical house, there are no limits to where it may flow and what materials or possessions may be damaged. Mold contamination, meanwhile, is a health threat waiting to happen. What it’s waiting for is water. Dormant mold spores pervade our outdoor and indoor environments. These airborne microorganisms find their way into tiny crevices and crannies in structures and lodge there until activated by a water damage incident. Active mold growth ensues, releasing toxic spores into your living spaces.

Mold growth begins within hours of a water damage incident and continues even as water extraction and drying procedures are underway. Effective water damage and mold remediation are necessarily two phases of one unified effort: restoring your house and healthy environment to normal.

A single call to Rytech brings both professional water damage restoration and mold remediation specialists to the scene. Rytech’s experts realize the clock is ticking on both water damage and the mold growth that always follows in its wake. They’re trained and equipped to begin immediate procedures to minimize the severity of the incident as soon as possible. Utilizing powerful water extraction and high-tech drying methods, along with state of the art disinfection and anti-microbial techniques, Rytech’s IICRC-certified technicians take a multi-faceted approach to successful restoration and remediation.

When both water damage restoration and mold remediation services are required to return your home and your life to normal, make just one call to Rytech, Inc.

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