Guest Bathoom mold

Location: MISSOURI CITY, TX 77489

Loss Date: 02/16/2019 12:00 AM

Work Start Date: 02/19/2019 10:49 AM

Work Completion Date: 02/25/2019 12:51 PM

On February 19, 2019, Texas Gulf Coast was called regarding a customer’s concern about Mold in their guest bathroom.  Rytech was at the customers’ house within four hours of being called.

We helped the customer determine that there was still and active leaky pipe causing the moisture and the mold.  We also located mold growth on the back of the bedroom wall.

The leaky pipe was fixed and we immediate began to remove the mold and moisture around the damaged drywall and cabinets.  All safety measures for mold were followed and our work was quickly completed. 

We ran a portable professional grade high capacity dehumidifier for  4 days to ensure all remaining moisture was removed from the floor and walls.  Complete moisture removal was completed in 4 days.

 Dry-Out Confirmed : 02/25/2019

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