When Is Emergency Service For Water Damage Really Needed?

water damageCan a do-it-yourself approach take the place of professional emergency service for water damage? The impulse to act on your own is understandable—it’s your house and possessions at risk; it’s your responsibility. While resourcefulness and a “get-it-done” attitude definitely have a place in home ownership, there are good reasons to leave emergency service for water damage to qualified, certified experts, instead. Here are some occasions when DIY methods may not be the best way to handle this:

  • When it’s not “just water.” All outdoor floodwater that enters a house is tainted by toxic pollutants and requires professional clean-up. Category 2 water, from a fixture like an overflowing toilet or washing machine, harbors proliferating microbes that may contaminate the indoor environment and pose a health hazard if proper disinfection is delayed. Category 3 water—raw sewage from a backed-up sewage line—is a dangerous biohazard that requires professional measures like protective clothing and breathing equipment, and may necessitate evacuation of the house.
  • When time isn’t on your side. Toxic mold growth is triggered in less than 48 hours after exposure to water. Once active mold has infiltrated into a structure, long-term consequences like health issues to occupants of the house and repeated, more complex treatments to eliminate it are likely.
  • When you wish certain things could be salvaged. Fast action by properly-equipped, trained personnel can often make the difference between saving items such as saturated carpets, soaked hardwood flooring and wet furniture versus having to discard them.
  • When your insurance policy requires it. For full coverage, homeowner’s policies may stipulate that only qualified professionals perform water damage remediation and that mitigation procedures must be initiated within a specific time frame after the event.
  • When you might not be up for the job. Fact is, water damage recovery can be a stressful and physically strenuous task. That’s why professional water damage recovery firms dispatch full crews, 24/7, with the necessary manpower and specialized equipment to take on the task.
  • When you just want it over with, ASAP.


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