5 Signs That Stopped Up Gutters and Downspouts Are Causing Water Damage

clogged gutters and downspoutsWater damage from clogged gutters is one of the most common but least expected home maintenance issues. The status quo inside gutters is generally invisible to most homeowners. Gutter problems often aren’t evident until heavy rainfall causes conspicuous overflow. Once the gutters are no longer conveying roof runoff to the downspouts so it can be properly diverted from the home, a number of repercussions occur, and all of them are bad for the structure of your house.

Here are five signs that water damage from clogged gutters may be an ongoing problem with every rainfall:

  1. Visible overflow during heavy rains. A waterfall cascade from any gutter means a blockage somewhere in the system. Note that the actual clog may be distant from the site of the overflow, including inside a vertical downspout.
  2. Unexplained water in the basement. A waterfall caused by a clogged gutter permeates the ground directly below, saturating the soil adjacent to foundation walls. Concrete foundations can’t resist chronic water inundation, and moisture will eventually infiltrate the basement through cracks or porous concrete.
  3. Sagging or collapsing gutters. Gutters aren’t constructed to continuously support standing water, nor heavy sodden material like wet leaves. When a gutter is observed to be pulling away from attachment points, stress from a clog is usually the reason.
  4. Water inside the home. Exterior siding isn’t made to resist a torrent of water running down its surface. Rainwater gushing from a clogged gutter often cascades down the wall, permeates the interior wall void, then leaks into living spaces.
  5. Telltale marks. Overflowing water from slow or clogged gutters will erode deep lines into the landscape below, which persist long after the rainfall stops.

For more information on preventing and treating water damage from clogged gutters, contact Rytech, Inc.

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