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Naples FL upstairs unit causes mold problems for our client – 34110

Friday, May 7th, 2021

An unattended upstairs unit in a Naples condo complex sprung a leak, causing water damage to 4 rooms and about 350 sq ft of living space. Unfortunately, this leak also spawned mold growth.

Rytech was called to the scene and quickly stabilized the humidity in the condo structure. The water leak was fixed by the upstairs condo owner and Rytech successfully remediated the mold to our clients satisfaction.

Rytech worked seamlessly with the customer’s insurance company, Tower Hill Insurance to ensure all parties were completely satisfied.

The bidet incident of Feb 2021 – Fort Myers 33908

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

On Feb 1, 2021, Rytech arrived to find the insured had a leak due to a faulty water supply line connected to a bidet in the property above them. The water damage extended into 10 different rooms of the homeowner, impacting approximately 935 SF. Rytech worked quickly to clean up all water damage throughout the home and investigated for Mold in each room. After extensive clean up and dry out, it was determined that all rooms were free and clear of mold. All moisture levels passed acceptable levels and the water damage claim was processed through the insurance company – Tower Hill. Our home owner asked the upstair neighbor to remove their bidet – we have no response on the request.

Water loss in Estero Florida

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

January 23, 2021

Location: Estero Florida – Zip code: 33928

Job type:  Water Damage

Our client, a mobile home owner suffered water damage throughout their unit.  3 days into the water damage challenge they faced, we identified the source  – leaky kitchen pipes.   It appeared their water line was chewed through by a rodent.   We removed all water damaged areas, including kitchen cabinets, flooring, baseboards and damaged walls. Insulation under the great room and bathroom was also dried out to ensure no mold growth affected this home owner.  The entire home was dried out and insurance claims completed with Safe Harbor Insurance within 9 days of calling Rytech of Lee & Collier county!

When water damage affects your home – all Rytech to get the job done right!