5 Tasks Homeowners Can Take to Prevent Water Leaks at Home

What can you do to prevent water leaks and the expensive damage they cause?  Quite a bit, as it turns out. Water damage from leaks doesn’t usually happen out of the blue. Frequently, there’s a background of preventable issues that could have been addressed before the leakage — and the cost of repairs and restoration — occurred in the first place.

prevent water leaksHow to Prevent Water Leaks in Your Home

Look around your house for opportunities to prevent water leaks. Here are five ways things you can do immediately:

  • Clear the gutters. An overflowing gutter is a significant cause of home water damage. Exterior siding was designed to shed rainfall, not resist a continuous cascade of water from a clogged gutter. Water infiltrating into interior wall spaces causes structural damage, mold growth and other expensive recovery issues.
  • Check water pressure. Have a plumber measure your household water pressure to make sure it hasn’t crept up into the range that promotes leakage in plumbing supply lines. Municipal water pressure, as well as pressure regulators often installed at the household water meter, can vary over time.
  • Plant trees strategically. Trees planted too close to the home can eventually damage the foundation and underground plumbing. Tree species with aggressive roots may also invade your home sewer line and cause blockages.
  • Keep an eye on the basement. Basements usually include visible spans of water lines and drain pipes that will allow you to catch minor leaks before they’re major ruptures. A basement sump pump should also be inspected and tested annually for proper operation.
  • Grade away from the house. The contour of your landscape should angle away from the house to keep rainwater from infiltrating the foundation and basement walls.

For more ideas to prevent water leaks or professional restoration if they happen, contact Rytech, Inc. 

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