3 Flooding Complications Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

flooded houseFlooding can cause serious water damage to your home, but water damage may not be the only issue that you have to deal with, which is why you should always turn to a professional for flood restoration in Northwest Atlanta.

Potential additional complications

Here are three additional complications that you may have to deal with if you’ve experienced flooding:

  1. Damage to the foundation – One of the most serious complications that flooding can cause is damage to the home’s foundation. This can happen if the flooding was caused by fast-moving water, which can not only weaken foundations but even separate buildings from their foundations. Additionally, water can easily permeate all types of materials, which means it can seep into the foundation, thereby weakening its structure. If damage has been done to the foundation of your house, it may not be safe to enter.
  2. Electrical damage – There’s always a risk for electrical damage during flooding. Water and electricity do not mix very well, after all. It’s why you should have a flood restoration professional inspect the house to ensure it’s safe. You should never try to begin removing standing water without an inspection since this could lead to an electric shock if there’s been electrical damage.
  3. Mold growthMold tends to grow in areas that are moist, which is why it’s such a problem in areas that have flooded. Even once standing water has been removed from the area, a damp environment can foster mold growth. This can be a serious health issue if anyone in your household suffers from severe allergies or respiratory problems. Because mold can grow fast and in difficult-to-reach areas, a professional is needed to identify the presence of mold and prevent its spread.

These are three of the most serious complications that can occur if your home has experienced flooding. If you need flood restoration in Northwest Atlanta,you can contact us to schedule an appointment to inspect your property for water damage, mold growth, electrical damage and foundation damage.

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