3 Completely Avoidable Causes Of Mold In The Home

mold in homeMost causes of mold in the home are moisture-related. Microscopic airborne mold spores exist everywhere in nature and there is no effective way to exclude spores from a house. Fortunately, in dry conditions, mold spores remain in a harmless, dormant state. When the missing ingredient—moisture—occurs, however, spores activate and become growing mold. The presence of active mold growth in the enclosed environment of a house is often toxic to residents and may cause a wide range of symptoms. Mold can also be destructive to surfaces where it grows.

The takeaway from these facts is simple: eliminate avoidable sources of moisture and you eliminate most causes of mold in the home. Here are three places to start:

  1. Control indoor humidity. Bathrooms and kitchens in particular accumulate excess humidity that triggers mold growth. These specific rooms should have exhaust fans that vent humid air all the way to the exterior of the house. In the overall home environment, humidity should be kept below 50 percent to prevent activation of mold spores.
  2. Fix plumbing leaks. Leaks or oozing from water lines should never be considered normal and disregarded. In addition to being a red flag for a potential pipe rupture that may cause severe water damage, even “minor” drips and seepage create a friendly environment for toxic mold growth. Since plumbing is frequently routed through seldom-seen areas, leakage and mold growth that accompanies it may be quite advanced before it’s discovered.
  3. Ventilate the attic. Hot, humid air accumulates in under-ventilated attics during daylight hours. At night, attic temperatures drop and water vapor condenses. Fibrous insulation in the attic becomes saturated with moisture and forms a perfect growing zone for mold. Make sure lower attic air vents, typically located in the soffits, are wide open and unobstructed by insulation or objects stored there. Also check the upper vents at the roof peak. Where passive ventilation is insufficient, consider adding a powered attic vent fan to exhaust humid air more effectively.

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