10 Places Water Leaks Can Occur in Your Home

You can safely assume that home water leaks will happen at the most inconvenient time. However, that doesn’t mean all potential leaks are equal. Some areas are definitely more prone to home water leaks and the water damage that results.

Where Water Leaks Commonly Occur

water damage2While it’s impossible to identify all suspects, here are the 10 most likely spots:

  • Washing machine – Rubber hot and cold connecting hoses behind the machine may rupture.
  • Water supply lines – Your home’s plumbing system operates under 40 to 60 p.s.i. of water pressure. Don’t ignore minor pinholes that can turn into major ruptures and a catastrophic flood.
  • Water heaters – A total tank failure can flood your home. However, this is usually preceded by warning signs of minor leakage due to corrosion. Call a plumber if you see them.
  • Toilets – Clogs can happen anytime. Know where and how to shut off the water supply to an overflowing toilet.
  • Sewer/sump pump – Sewer blockages reflux raw sewage into your house, usually at the lowest drains in the basement. Install a sump pump and don’t forget to schedule annual maintenance.
  • Refrigerators and dishwashers – Water supply connections for the icemaker may leak or the line may rupture. Dishwasher supply lines may leak unnoticed behind the unit for a long time, damaging flooring.
  • Sinks and showers – Fix leaky faucets promptly. Replace missing grout or caulking that allows water to escape tub/shower enclosures.
  • HVAC equipment – Central air conditioner condensate pans overflow if the drain line clogs. A safety overflow switch can be installed for added protection.
  • Gutters – Overflowing gutters can divert roof runoff into exterior walls, causing leakage. Keep gutters clear of debris year-round to prevent this.
  • Downspouts – Make sure all downspout segments are securely connected and drain water safely away from the foundation to prevent seepage.

Contact the experts at Rytech if a potential home water leak causes real water damage.

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