Prevent Water Damage Wtih These Basic Boiler Maintenance Tips

boiler maintenanceA leaky boiler is a common cause of basement water problems that lead to mold and rot. By staying on top of maintenance you can prevent leaks and protect your basement from damage.

Monitor the Temperature and Pressure

Excess temperature and pressure can both cause leaks. Look in the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended temperature and pressure levels, then check your boiler’s pressure and temperature gauge. If the readings are consistently too high, you might need to have a technician repressurize your system. Look for leaks around the base of the pressure release valve, which could mean your boiler has been overfilled or the valve is faulty. A small leak can cause corrosion that leads to a bigger leak. Check for dripping from the overflow pipe, which usually protrudes from the outside of the house. Water coming from this pipe suggests excess pressure in the system.

Inspect for Corrosion

Corrosion in the pipes or tank is one of the most common causes of boiler leaks that result in basement water problems. At least twice a year, closely inspect your boiler for signs of rust and deterioration. If you spot a rusty component that you can replace, such as a valve, replace it. Stay alert for signs of sludge buildup, which will eventually corrode your boiler system. If you need to bleed your radiators frequently or the water from bleeding is dark, it’s likely you have a buildup of sludge. A technician can flush your system to remove the sludge.

When your boiler isn’t working as it should, pay attention to any error codes on the digital display so you can give these to your service technician.

An annual maintenance inspection is also essential for preventing boiler leaks. In just one year of normal use, a boiler can develop problems such as hidden rust damage, worn valves, and even cracks. During an inspection, your technician can find and correct these issues before they cause leaks.


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