4 Crucial Steps For Dealing With Water Damage In The Home Safely

home floodingDealing with water damage can certainly be inconvenient and frustrating. However, it’s important to realize that the same conditions that cause water damage can also be a source of real safety concerns. Most structures including homes aren’t constructed to be waterproof. Therefore, anytime water is released inside a house or inundates the premises from outdoors, please consider safety first before dealing with water damage yourself.

Electrical Danger
Even after extensive water damage, household electrical circuits may still be “hot” with live electricity. Ensure safety by having an electrician check the premises. Never wade into standing water or walk into saturated areas until a professional has confirmed that it’s safe. Don’t attempt to shut off electricity at the main power panel yourself if the panel or the immediate surrounding area is wet. If the local power grid is down due to flooding or a storm, don’t assume the outage will continue. Power may be restored unexpectedly at any time without notice and could present a severe hazard.

Structural Issues
Some building materials are not water-resistant and become hazardous when wet. Beware of bulging, water-logged drywall after flooding. This material can absorb a large volume of water that dramatically increases weight and makes the wall unstable. Saturated drywall may collapse suddenly and cause injury. Ceiling panels are also absorbent and may fall without warning.

Contaminated Water
If the source of water damage is clean water such as from a ruptured supply line, it’s generally not an immediate health hazard. Water damage from a backed-up sewer or outdoor flooding, however, is a toxic hazard and contact should be avoided. Water damage recovery personnel are equipped to safely clean up after these events with professional protective gear.

Hidden Hazards
The aftermath of water damage can harbor unpleasant surprises: Slip and fall injuries due to wet surfaces are frequent, standing water may conceal hazards like sharp debris, dangerous animals such as snakes may enter the premises along with floodwater. Stay alert to these hidden dangers and avoid injury.

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