3 Tips For Preventing Weather-Related Water Damage

weather water damage to houseWeather-related water damage is second only to indoor pipe ruptures when it comes to homeowner’s insurance claim payouts. While you can’t do much about weather itself, what you can do is take proactive steps to significantly reduce the odds that rain, melting snow or outdoor flooding will affect the structure of the house or your possessions inside.

How to reduce weather-related damage

Here are three tips for making weather-related water damage an unlikely event:

  • Up On The Roof – Have the roof inspected annually for missing shingles, loose flashing, and other issues that might allow rain water to penetrate the attic. A full inspection should include the underside or the roof as well to look for hidden seepage that may not be evident outdoors. Also make sure the attic is properly ventilated and well-sealed from the living spaces to prevent warming of the upper roof in winter. Uneven melting of snow forms ice dams that prevent roof water runoff and can trigger severe leakage.
  • Down In The Basement – If you’re noticing basement seepage during heavy rains, have cracks and gaps in the basement wall injected with concrete sealant. Waterproofing coatings that penetrate concrete walls can also be applied to stop water permeating concrete pores. Where the risk of water intrusion due to ground water naturally rising up beneath the foundation is a factor, a sump pump installed in a basin excavated in the basement floor collects ground water seepage and automatically pumps it out of the basement to a discharge point outdoors.
  • Out In The Yard – Keep rain gutters clear to prevent overflow during heavy downpours that may cause basement water seepage. Also make sure gutter downspouts discharge water far enough away (about 5ft if possible) so it doesn’t soak in between the house and the foundation. An underground drainage pipe called a french drain can be buried around the perimeter of the foundation to convey soil water away. Landscape should be graded to divert water back into the yard and prevent pooling near the house.

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